Corner Stone for Success: Classroom Management

Classroom Management Plan Outline

Classroom management is one of the may be the most important factor for quality education. You can use these outline as you make your plan.

I. Create a physical setting that supports academic and social goals

  1. Arrange students’ seating
  2. Normalize the air
  3. Make sure about proximity

II. Establish expectations for behavior

  1. Respect each other
  2.   Arrive class on time
  3. Listen while others talk

III. Communicate with students in consistent ways

  1. Post assignments every day
  2. Rehearse procedure all the time
  3. Make students feel comfortable

IV. Develop a caring classroom environment

  1. Give students responsibilities
  2. Keep in touch with students out of school
  3. Always try to focus on positive consequences

V. Work with families

  1. Make home visits
  2. Make open houses organizations
  3. Invite parents to the class

VI. Use appropriate interventions to assist students with behavior problems

  1. Praise students after positive behavior
  2. Award students after being done an expected attitude
  3. Warn students gently when they do something wrong

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