Teaching Philosophy

SSS0028      Teaching and learning are always being occurred at any time regardless of place. Everyone can learn something useful and beneficial from someone. Learning might take place while on the road to somewhere, at home watching movie or talking to parents, or in classrooms. I heard a statement from one of my teachers saying that “those who are open to listen to people can learn something from even foolish ones.” I believe that the only thing we need to have to learn is respect and paying attention. I remember my elementary and middle school teachers teaching us subjects by telling all concepts and facts without any hands-on activities and real practices of concepts that we were taught. I strongly believe that that is not the way of teaching and learning.
Teachers have vital impacts on students in long run. Students spend one-third of their times with their teachers for years. I think that teaching is not just telling the facts to students. Rather, it is about building relationship with students, caring of, and respecting them so that teaching and learning can take place. Students do not just learn about subjects from their teachers, but also learn values and morals to be a part of healthy society. That’s why I think teaching is much more than a job.
From my point of view, there is not a certain way to teach. Every child has their own way of learning. They all have different skills and abilities. As teachers, we should become aware of these differences. In this respect, I believe that differentiating the instruction that we provide to students is crucial. Some students might be good at learning when they are offered visuals. Some might be good with audial instruction. We should provide instruction students with different ways so that we can make sure that they can do their best. For my major which is science, for example, I prefer to utilize instructional strategies which students might be actively parts of the learning environment. Project-based learning is one of these strategies. Also, I like using presentations and demonstrations for some topics in science. By doing so, students find opportunities to have better understandings of the abstract topics. I think that it is more important to guide students to learn by themselves with the support of teachers and classmates.
There is one more important aspect to me in order to make the education even more meaningful for every stakeholder. That aspect is parents. I like making home visits and building communication with parents as well. I believe that education is something like a triangle. Teachers are on one side, students are on other side, and parents are on the other side. If we work as a team, we can do the best for students. I also align and modify my instruction as I know my students more. I would like to be a role model for my students. I would like to make students successful for the life not for tests.


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